Monday, August 20, 2007

Will O'Neal Stay in Indiana?

After a summer which saw Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen change teams, Jermaine O'Neal may still end up getting traded. In moving O'Neal, the Pacers need to get cap flexibility and young talent in return. The Atlanta Hawks have returned a very similar team in a conference that has seen many of its best teams improve. Therefore, they need to make a significant move if they are going to get to the top of the East.

This trade below would allow both teams to reach their goal:

*Tyronn Lue, point guard
(2007-08 Salary: $3,500,000/1 Year Remaining)

*Anthony Johnson, point guard
(2007-08 Salary: $2,860,000/1 Year Remaining)

*Josh Childress, small forward
(2007-08 Salary: $3,631,449/1 Year Remaining plus Qualifying Offer in 2008-09)

*Marvin Williams, power forward
(2007-08 Salary: $4,466,040/2 Year Remaining plus Team Offer then Qualifying Offer)

*Shelden Williams, power forward
(2007-08 Salary: $3,174,240/2 Years Remaining plus two Team Offers)

*Future First Round Pick

To Indiana Pacers for:

*Jermaine O'Neal, power forward/center
(2007-08 Salary: $19,728,000/3 Years Remaining)

*David Harrison, center
(2007-08 Salary: $1,734,316/1 Year Remaining plus Qualifying Offer in 2008-09)

In this trade, the Hawks will be able to move up a level in the Eastern Conference. With a rotation of Speedy Claxton, Acie Law, Joe Johnson, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Zaza Pachulia, and Jermaine O'Neal the Hawks would certainly have the scoring and toughness to compete for years to come.

In Indiana, the Pacers would gain a great deal of flexiblity and young players. Indiana would receive three players whose contract would expire at the end of this upcoming season. With Johnson and Lue, it would be likely that the Pacers would immediately cut both of these players. The Pacers would get a full year to take a look at Childress to see if it would be worth giving him a large contract. With Marvin Williams and Shelden Williams, the Pacers would receive two players who are young and can play multiple positions. Add these players to a versatile group which includes Marquis Daniels, Danny Granger, Shawne Williams, and Mike Dunleavy, the Pacers would have a group of talented players with potential who can all do a lot of different things on the court. Throw in Ike Diogu and the Pacers have a great core to begin rebuilding with.

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