Sunday, February 3, 2008

Scouting Report: Al Horford

Player Name: Al Horford
Current Team: Atlanta Hawks
NBA Position: PF
Drafted: 3rd (Atlanta)
Height/Weight: 6'10"/245
Birthdate: 6/3/86
Hometown: Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
College: Florida

Son of former NBA player Tito Horford and journalist Arelis Reynoso; Wears size 17 basketball shoes; Won back-to-back national championships at Florida; Named to the All-Tournament team in both national championship seasons; Third team All-American SEC Tournament MVP; Missed two games in college because of a high ankle sprain; Missed time during the 2007 NBA Summer League because of a sprained right ankle.

Physically and emotionally ahead of most his age; Long wingspan; Tough; Post defense; Shot blocker thanks to great timing; Above average ball handler; Leaping; Twelve to fifteen foot midrange jump shot; Rotates well; Help-side defense; Can defend both at the four and five spots; basketball IQ; Rebounding on both ends of the court; Go-to move at this point is a jump hook in the paint; Fights hard for post position; Finishes well at the basket; Runs well; Work ethic.

No game outside fifteen feet; Post moves are underdeveloped; No go-to move; Free throw shooting; Footwork; Needs to become more of an offensive threat in pick-and-pop and pick-and-roll situations; Tends to foul too frequently.

On defense, Horford is a terrific rebounder who works hard for loose balls. Although he is not the most athletic power forward, he has great instincts, which allow him to be a better shot blocker than his body should allow him to be. On offense, he needs to continue to work on his range, especially in pick-and-pop situations. Another major need is to increase the range of post moves. Although his mid-lane jump hook is strong, he still needs to develop countermoves off of it and additional movements that he can rely on. If Horford can develop into a reliable offensive threat, improve his footwork, and continue to add weight to his upper body, he will be one of the best, young post players in the league.


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