Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Mike Miller On the Move

With the recent trade of Pau Gasol to the Lakers, it appears the Memphis Grizzlies are in full rebuild mode. Miller is a 6'8" wing player, who at twenty-seven years of age, still has plenty of good years ahead of him. Miller has averaged double-digits every year of his career and is one of the best pure shooters in the NBA. This season, he is averaging 17 points per game, 6.7 rebounds per game, and 3.7 assists per game. He certainly can help any team looking for an additional scorer.

With Miller having value, this is the perfect opportunity for the Grizzlies to stick Brian Cardinal's contract on someone else. Likely, the Grizzlies will be asking for someone to take on Cardinal with any trade for Miller. Cardinal is scheduled to earn $5,850,000 and is locked in for three more years.

Here are the five top trades, sensible for both teams, that would send Miller out of Memphis:

1) Golden State is always interested in shooters and have plenty of assets to make a trade. By using their trade exception, the Warriors could trade two disgrunteled players, for two guys who could help in Don Nelson's playoff push.

Mike Miller ($8,376,194, 3 Years Remaining) and Brian Cardinal ($5,850,000, 3 Years Remaining) for Patrick O'Bryant ($2,216,400, 1 Year), Mickael Pietrus ($3,470,771, 1 Year Remaining), and $9,999,999 Trade Exception (Jason Richardson)

2.) The Orlando Magic could acquire Miller and Cardinal without giving up key parts. Cardinal would get significant playing time on a team short with size and Miller would be an upgrade over existing talent. Concerns over Hedo Turkoglu and Miller being too similar may arise, though I would think Miller's ability to play and defend multiple positions would be of interest to Orlando.

Mike Miller ($8,376,194, 3 Years Remaining) and Brian Cardinal ($5,850,000, 3 Years Remaining) for Pat Garrity ($3,818,750, 1 Year Remaining), Carlos Arroyo, $4,000,000, 1 Year Remaining), James Augustine ($687,456, 1 Year Remaining), J.J. Redick ($2,000,160, 2 Years Remaining), and Brian Cook ($3,500,000, 2 Years Remaining)

3.) The Cleveland Cavaliers badly need another scorer next to LeBron James and Miller would be a great fit. The Grizzlies would have to take on two mid-sized deals to make the trade work, but would certainly still save money. Additionally, both players are 34 years old and would consider retirement.

Mike Miller ($8,376,194, 3 Years Remaining) and Brian Cardinal ($5,850,000, 3 Years Remaining) for Eric Snow ($6,703,125, 2 Years Remaining), Donyell Marshall ($5,566,965, 2 Years Remaining), Shannon Brown ($1,044,120, 1 Year Remaining) and Dwayne Jones($770,610, 1 Year Remaining)

4.) The San Antonio Spurs would be a strong pairing to make this trade with the Grizzlies. However, they would not be in position to take on Brian Cardinal as well. Therefore, the trade below swaps Miller and little-used Andre Brown for two replaceable players.

Mike Miller ($8,376,194, 3 Years Remaining) and Andre Brown ($770,610, 1 Year Remaining) for Brent Barry ($5,544,370, 1 Year Remaining) and Francisco Elson ($3,000,000, 1 Year Remaining)

5.) Like the Cavaliers trade, the Houston Rockets would also be interested in acquiring Miller, but would the Grizzlies would have to take on some multi-year contracts.

Mike Miller ($8,376,194, 3 Years Remaining), Andre Brown ($770,610, 1 Year Remaining) and Brian Cardinal ($5,850,000, 3 Years Remaining) for Kirk Snyder ( $2,358,433, 1 Year Remaining), Mike James, ($5,926,893, 2 Years Remaining), Steve Francis ($2,439,333, 1 Year Remaining) and Luther Head, ($1,122,000, 2 Years Remaining)

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