Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Trade Proposal: Cavs Add Talent, T'Wolves Dump Salaries

As Minnesota lingers with the worse record in the NBA and Cleveland tries to jump into the top of the East, it looks like it may be time for both teams to make a trade. Minnesota is looking to rid itself of some of their veteran players with long-term contracts and Cleveland is simply looking to upgrade their talent.

Minnesota gets:
Ira Newble, $3,441,900, 1 Year Remaining
Eric Snow, $6,703,125, 2 Years Remaining
Donyell Marshall, $5,566,965, 2 Years Remaining
Shannon Brown, $1,044,120, 1 Year Remaining
2008 First Round Pick

Cleveland gets:
Gerald Green, $1,440,960, 1 Year Remaining
Antoine Walker, $8,329,640, 4 Years Remaining
Marko Jaric, $6,050,000, 4 Years Remaining

In this trade, Minnesota would be ridding themselves of two of their largest player contracts. Green has also expressed displeasure with his playing time and it appears he has fallen out of favor with the coaching staff. At only 22 years old, and 6'8", Green certainly has potential to become a contributer in the NBA. The Timberwolves will receive two players whose contracts expire after this year. The other two - Snow and Marshall - have one more year after this upcoming season, but both may retire.

Cleveland would clearly be getting the better talent in this swap. Walker would immediately become the Cavaliers top big man-perimeter threat and could help take some of the scoring pressure off LeBron James. Jaric would compete for time with Larry Hughes, Daniel Gibson, and Devin Brown for time at either guard spot.

This trade would help both team achieve its current goals: Cleveland would add more talent, while Minnesota would improve their payroll flexibility for future seasons.

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