Thursday, August 16, 2007

Bibby Heading East?

Rumors coming out of Miami have the Heat and the Kings discussing a trade to bring Mike Bibby to the Eastern Conference. Bibby would add the steady point guard that the Heat have been searching for.

To make this trade logical for both teams, a handful of other players would need to be included. Here is the trade that would allow the Heat to acquire Bibby:

Sacramento trades Mike Bibby and Kenny Thomas to Miami for Jason Williams, Udonis Haslem, Wayne Simien, Michael Doleac, Dorrell Wright, and a first round pick.

With Bibby being the top talent in ths trade, the Heat would certainly be acquiring the better talent. However, the Kings would see a great deal of cap relief from doing this trade.

2007-08 Salaries
Dorrell Wright $2,040,746
Jason Williams $8,937,500
Michael Doleac $3,120,000
Wayne Simien $997,800
Udonis Haslem $6,050,000 (3 years remaining)

Kenny Thomas $7,875,000 (3 years remaining)
Mike Bibby $13,500,000 (2 years remaining)

In 2007-08, salaries almost match.
In 2008-09, Sacramento saves almost $16,000,000.
In 2009-10, Sacramento saves almost $1,500,000.

Additionally, Haslem is only 27 years old and has a great deal of experience already. Haslem has developed a nice mid-range shot. He shoots especially well from the baseline and has shown a knack for aggressive offensive rebounding. Haslem needs to add some post moves, possibly a jump hook or an improved drop stop. He plays with a great deal of energy, moves his feet well, and plays physical defense. In Sacramento, Haslem and Hawes would be nice building blocks for the Kings rebuilding.

Dorrell Wright has shown some flashes of his potential, but needs more playing time. The Kings would likely consider releasing Michael Doleac and Wayne Simien.

Another possibility for this trade to work would simply be removing the first round pick and including Shareef Abdur-Rahim. However, it is widely believed that Abdur-Rahim is a better player than Thomas and the Kings would certainly try to hang on to him.

By going ahead with this trade, the Kings would be able to gain a great deal of cap flexibility after this season. With potentially Gilbert Arenas, Shawn Marion, and Jermaine O'Neal all becoming free agents the Kings could have the cap room to sign one of these guys. For Miami, Pat Riley would finally land a reliable point guard to play alongside of Wade. Kenny Thomas could step into Haslem's role at the power forward, while only seeing a small dropoff in scoring and rebounding. However, with available spots on the roster after this trade, the Heat would be able to persue an available big man. Melvin Ely, Corliss Williamson, Danny Fortson, and especially P.J. Brown would all fill in nicely here.

With Brown, Thomas, and an additional free agent joining the mix of Wade, Walker, Mourning, Parker, O'Neal, and Hardaway would have a strong enough nine man rotation to compete for the finals. If the Kings go ahead with this trade, it would jump start their rebuilding process with a great deal of roster and cap flexiblity.

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